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The digital era is on fast track, with the strong brands of this era clearly being those who stay up-to-date with the very latest in code technology. At Vector & Pixel, we love to use the following analogy when explaining the importance of a technologically advanced website: Think of the world wide web as a race track, your website as your brands vehicle on that track, your website design team as your racing team and your brand as the driver.

From initial conception to ongoing support, the development and maintenance of a well done Web experiences are complex undertakings, . No longer is your brand safe in the splendid isolation of your physical storefront. Online it walks among people, creating a situation that presents both a great risk and an opportunity in equal measure.

The web is interactive and involving; it offers current rich information on just about every subject; and it personalises the user experience. Web users can engage in conversation about products, search for information, express opinions, or play informational videos - all with a few clicks, taps or keyboard touches. Crafting a website that enhances the brand-building experience is a combination of art, science and business logic. It is a complex undertaking, that should be done by an experienced professional team if you value your brand/business.

How to choose a credible Web Team in a cluttered marketplace

The marketplace is full of cheap web solutions offering new website builds as a quick fix to those business owners who have little to no knowledge on how it all really works. These web businesses themselves have short term life cycles, they are opportunists, using scare tactics and capitalizing on industry changes to meet their bottom line objectives. The latest being "Responsive Mobile Friendly". Many of these companies wont be around in 5 years leaving your business stuck with a responsive website that has no brand alignment, no dedicated team manager that understands your brand/business, your customers and long term goals and most of all, limited in terms of opportunity scope and the use of digitisation to improve your business efficiency and bottom line. Did you question or sight the back-end code integrity of your new website. Whilst not visible at the front, it is dire for website performance! In terms of our "Race Track Analogy", you paid for a car that looked awesome but does not have the engine to back it up - no engine under the hood! Yes we have seen such cases!

Key Points to consider when creating a website

  1. Be indexed appropriately by Search Engines
  2. Improve customer service through conveying vital information such as products, specifications, payment options, trading hours, FAQ's, after sale support, etc
  3. Bring in new business through increased visibility on all all web browsing devices (your website is an additional store front/gallery open 24/7)
  4. Inform existing/prospective clients about events, specials and all other information that's pertinent for good public relations and business success
  5. Fortify your businesses online market positioning & capture more market share!
  6. Use a framework that is responsive & friendly
  7. Be sceptical about low cost providers - you get what you pay for!

Web Services at Vector & Pixel include:

Vector & Pixel is an authorised reseller of domain names - we are able to search for, register and manage domain names for our clients. Contact Vector & Pixel for all your domain name requirements.

Vector & Pixel are host server resellers. Our server packages have been set-up in-house & enable required aspects of functionality on our clients websites including business email set-ups among other important things. We are able to adjust and include new functionality as required.

Our Vector & Pixel Web Team consists of creative web designers and on-point web developers who are there to cater for all your responsive website design Vector & Pixel development requirements. An initial meet and greet consult is carried out to better understand your website requirements and provide targeted website design & functionality giving your website services/products an increased chance of reaching your intended target audience.

Recent studies reveal that 93% of online experiences start with search engines. It's therefore crucial to think about how your website will be found online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to displaying relevant website content to people searching for it via search engines. It's consequently a fundamental part of the web design process. At Vector & Pixel, SEO is assimilated from the inception of the design process ie. from information architecture, content planning to design and development. SEO is constantly evolving to meet with new search engine criteria and, as a result, is a continuous process to ensure that websites are found by users on search engines.

All websites designed and developed at Vector & Pixel come standard with SEO built into the website architecture, have sitemaps created and are formally submitted to major search engines to ensure that, over time, your website is able to be found on major search engines.

At Vector & Pixel, we suggest that post web deployment (your website going live), you proceed with getting a search engine online marketing campaign set-up for lead generation. It is targeted with immediate visibility of your website on Google ensuring that your website is found by your target audience when they search for pertinent keywords/terms.

The team at Vector & Pixel provide copywriting services from client supplied content/text to ensure that content has been appropriately written for SEO purposes to ensure that our clients brand always stays front of mind with their intended target audience.

The design & development team at Vector & Pixel provide Bootstrap version updates on websites when new versions are released which ensures that websites remain up-to-date and relevant in the ever evolving digital era we live in today. Browsing devices are constantly changing with new devices being released quite often - a new IPhone or Samsung for example has new capabilities. Having your website up-to-date ensures that your website is able to be found and viewed properly on all new browsing devices.

Your website is a pivotal online marketing tool externally to the public 24/7 & additionally it has the functionality of being an administrative brand communication tool internally - an administration portal can be created with staff logins for internal brand communications and control allowing for increased efficiency and creating a digital culture within ones business to allow for ease of communication with all staff at all times.

At Vector & Pixel, we are able to professionally tailor and manage Social Media business profiles including social media graphics, postings and content to get your business looking the part, building credibility and keeping you front of mind with your community. For more on this, please see our Social Media Management page.

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