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All businesses, no matter what their offerings, should recognise the power and financial value of a well thought out brand strategy supported by great design. Consider how instantaneously a design experience can shape our opinion of a brand, company or store, either positively or negatively. For instance, when we come across a poorly designed website, we associate the feelings of frustration, or worse, disappointment, with that brand.

One thing is certain, design-oriented businesses are winning! Integrated as a deliberately applied discipline, a brand can create more simple, meaningful and rewarding experiences for their customers. Remember, you are serving people, not products!

Design-oriented brands / companies or stores invest in thinking this "stuff" through and place design at the heart of their company ensuring focus, consistency and clear messaging across all chanels. Great design clearly communicates differentiation, improves customer loyalty and increases profits. If you are unsure about your current branding and marketing collateral, booking a V&P consult for an independant experienced point of view could prove invaluable.

Our consults are designed to assess each element of your service or product and improve it to see design not just as a marketing tool, but as a genuine source of competitive advantage, customer and employee satisfaction and as a route to higher profits.

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